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Silentwoods Collectvie INC

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Past Performance Projects

Silentwoods Collective has been active as an organization committed to delivering high quality arts programming to communities since our unofficial inception in 2017

Image: "St. Patrick's Feast: Melody and Lore", performed in Wilton, NH

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In this collaboration with New York City's "Gotham Early Music Scene" Silentwoods Collective performed a program of virtuosic concertos on period instruments from the Italian baroque tradition 

A multimedia performance of song, dance and art from the country and the court of Old Scandinavia. Presented collaboration with 

Aurora Ensemble

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"Music For Change"

February 2023 | New York City, NY 

After surviving 200 years of Spanish rule, deadly plague, violent revolution, and even an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the music of Naples was colored by love, death, struggle, scientific discovery and a unique union of cultures. Music for Change explores music of the Neapolitan baroque on period instruments in collaboration with Concerto Napoletano

"Crossing the Pond"
May, 2023 | New York City

Revel in the early Music of 18th century Britain and America on period instruments by early music fiddling masters at the Dyckman Farmhouse, built circa 1784. This high energy and spirited program aims to blur the lines between fiddle music, country dances, and music of the court

C a n c e l l e d 

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"In the Garden of Affections" 

January, 2019 | Wilton, NH

Silentwoods Collective collaborates with "Music on the Hill" to present a side-by-side performance with high school music students in Wilton, New Hampshire  

"St. Patrick's Feast: Melody and Lore" 
March, 2018 | Wilton, NH

In collaboration with "Music on the Hill", this feast of melody and lore - a dynamic performance celebration of St. Patrick spans 2,000 years of music, poetry and prose from Celtic traditions and the British Isles

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"Coffee & Candid Cantatas" 

January, 2018 | Wilton, NH 

Presented in partnership with "Music on the Hill", Silentwoods Collective performed a multimedia performance of J.S. Bach's "Coffee Cantata" in an auditorium turned pop-up cafe courtesy of of our local community partners at the
"The Hilltop Cafe"


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